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Watch Due Date Online Free - In the movie Due Date (2010) follows on Peter Highman, is soon to be father and hurries to get back in Atlanta to be with his wife for the birth. But Peter forced to join Ethan Tremblay on a cross-country road trip that goes bad at every possible turn.

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The story of the film is quite hilarious and revolves around a man Peter Highman, who is expecting his first child and rushes from his job to be at the side of his wife who is expecting a child anytime. The role has been played by Robert Downey who has done a superb job in the film. The due date of delivery of his wife is approaching fast, and so he rushes back home. Watch Due Date online free to see the funny plot developing. Turn of events force Peter to take help from Ethan Tremblay who is an aspiring actor. He can only watch in horror as there are a few accidents on the highway and things go awry in a series of incidents involving the two of them. Watch Due Date online free to see the drama unfolding.